Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Year of CIC

"I was havin' a good sleep in my car
In the parking lot of the Showboat Casino Hotel"
- Cracker / "Happy Birthday To Me"

One year ago today Chorus, Isolate, Confirm first appeared in its own dark, little corner of the Inner Nets. Back then it was called J-Log...until August, when I realized that the name J-Log was about the least creative name possible and decided to change my blog's name to a cryptic ESL mnemonic.

It's been a big twelve months, with posts on topics ranging from cockroaches to cosplayers. Here's a convenient recap of the year's items, conveniently listed for your convenience. You lazy piece of trash.

In January I went head-to-head with a student in a theological debate, transforming a regular English class into a circus of spiritual woe.

In February I outlined my scientific method of measuring earthquake magnitudes using a shelf full of plastic video game character figurines.

In March I wrote a very lengthy essay on The Rolling Chopstick Phenomenon, a psychological anomaly which causes me to laugh at inappropriate times (for example, during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno).

April was a big month. I walked twenty kilometers across Tokyo, taking pictures of cherry blossoms the whole way.

In May nothing really happened.

June saw the first installment of Let's Learn Japanese, which has proven to be a great learning tool for people who want to learn relatively useless bits of Japanese vocabulary in no particular order. It's like Japanese For Busy People, only better.

In July I expressed disdain for movies where people say, "Nyoooooo!"

In August I started a new tradition of excellence in the form of Portrait of a Badass. It was all I could do to distract myself from the cockroach trouble I was having at home.

In September the cockroaches disappeared and there was much rejoycing. I celebrated by treating myself to the Tokyo Game Show, where technology and social ineptitude collide.

In October I made a guy shoot coffee out his nose. It was a proud accomplishment.

In November I got really sick and missed two days of work. Whether or not my bosses believe I was really sick during those two days has yet to be revealed.

And in December, in the most sincere form of flattery, I decided to rip off my sister's ripped-off idea to post a random iPod-generated top ten list every weekend. Mmmmm. Rip-off.

So there you have it! A year went by so fast. A big thank you to everyone who reads Chorus, Isolate, Confirm, regardless of whether or not you shoot coffee out your nose while doing so.

Kotoshi mo, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! That's roughly Japanese for, "This year, please continue to honor my every whim!"

No, not really.

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