Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tokyo Snow

It snowed today, all day, non-stop. Big, soggy mega-flakes. As I type this it's already melting, but at the peak of accumulation I think we must have had four or five inches, which is remarkable. I'm no stranger to snow of course, but Tokyo is; it snows less than once a year on average in the 23 Wards. Tonight's TV news dished out numbers of snow-induced injuries by prefecture.

And now, this weekend's random ten:

1. Sebadoh / "Careful"
2. Sneaker Pimps / "Spin Spin Sugar"
3. Go Go's / "We've Got the Beat"
4. Interpol / "PDA"
5. Esthero / "Thank Heaven 4 You"
6. Chemical Brothers / "Galaxy Bounce"
7. Matthew Sweet / "Falling"
8. The Dambuilders / "Break Up With Your Boyfriend"
9. Sunny Day Real Estate / "Round"
10. Pulsars / "Silicon Teens"

I challenge you to find a song title more suggestive of a porn website than "Silicon Teens."

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