Friday, January 27, 2006

Let's Learn Japanese: Saiaku no Taimingu

Saiaku no taimingu.
The worst timing possible.

Irony like this can only write itself.

Last night one of my students was kind enough to show me this magazine ad for Yayoi Kaikei, an accounting software package. A software package endorsed by a man whose name is now synonymous with shady accounting: Horie Takafumi (see Jibun de Maita Tane Da and Busted, below). The copyline at the top reads, "I built my company using Yayoi Kaikei."

The endorsement itself is no surprise; Livedoor has owned Yayoi since 2004, and as a result, Yayoi's president Hiramatsu Kozo took over as president of Livedoor after Horie's arrest and voluntary resignation. What's so funny is the fact that the computer magazine Nikkei Pasokon started running this ad just two weeks before the police raid on Livedoor's offices.

This may be the strongest evidence yet that Horie-mon really didn't have any knowledge of his company's dishonest financial practices. Or, it's the strongest evidence yet that the man is an overconfident moron.

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