Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fight Meee! USFIV Season 3 opener

After putting it off for months, I recently picked up a new arcade stick and bought the much-maligned PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Getting back into online USFIV has been easy so far, thanks to the time I put in at the arcade after ditching my Xbox 360 (and believe me, the arcade is a place that doesn't let you get rusty).

So now I'm starting fresh with a new account. The PS4 version of the game seems fine for the most part, and in terms of matchmaking, it actually seems a little better than its predecessor (my waiting times feel shorter these days). How far will I climb on this shiny, new ladder? Let's find out.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Video uploads I forgot to blog about

After exhausting myself on Soundtrack September, I went two whole weeks in October without a blog update, although my YouTube and Twitch channels have been active. Here's a high-speed debrief of what you may have missed:

First, we have one new chapter in my ongoing assault on RE5's story mode. Chris and Sheva find their relationship strained due to a misunderstanding about eggs.

Also in Resident Evil 5 news, I did a couple of Twitch streams documenting my continued quest to get all SS ratings in Mercenaries Mode, which is proving a tough goal to reach. I'm particularly fond of the second of these.

While playing Overwatch a few days ago, I experienced one of the most exhilarating Competitive Mode matches I've ever played. Check out round 3 and count how many environmental kills I get without dying!

And finally, on my other YouTube channel, I posted a new track from my (slowly) upcoming remix album Space Pirate Collection II. It's Dr. Wily, y'all!