Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nothing is over

I stopped myself time and time again over the last year from writing political posts about the presidential election. I didn't want to risk readership over differing political opinions, nor did I think the risk was justified, since Hillary had been practically guaranteed victory since her nomination.

And the worst part of the shock of losing isn't that my "team" lost, or that my predictions were wrong. It's that stunning unintelligence is far, far more severe a problem among American voters than I thought it was.

When did it become so fashionable to be so stupid?

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Recent livestreams of USFIV, RE5

Here are three recent stream archives from my Twitch channel. My streams aren't on a reliable schedule (I basically do them when I get a chance), so if you're a Twitch regular, be sure to follow my channel.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fight Meee! USFIV Season 3 opener

After putting it off for months, I recently picked up a new arcade stick and bought the much-maligned PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Getting back into online USFIV has been easy so far, thanks to the time I put in at the arcade after ditching my Xbox 360 (and believe me, the arcade is a place that doesn't let you get rusty).

So now I'm starting fresh with a new account. The PS4 version of the game seems fine for the most part, and in terms of matchmaking, it actually seems a little better than its predecessor (my waiting times feel shorter these days). How far will I climb on this shiny, new ladder? Let's find out.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Video uploads I forgot to blog about

After exhausting myself on Soundtrack September, I went two whole weeks in October without a blog update, although my YouTube and Twitch channels have been active. Here's a high-speed debrief of what you may have missed:

First, we have one new chapter in my ongoing assault on RE5's story mode. Chris and Sheva find their relationship strained due to a misunderstanding about eggs.

Also in Resident Evil 5 news, I did a couple of Twitch streams documenting my continued quest to get all SS ratings in Mercenaries Mode, which is proving a tough goal to reach. I'm particularly fond of the second of these.

While playing Overwatch a few days ago, I experienced one of the most exhilarating Competitive Mode matches I've ever played. Check out round 3 and count how many environmental kills I get without dying!

And finally, on my other YouTube channel, I posted a new track from my (slowly) upcoming remix album Space Pirate Collection II. It's Dr. Wily, y'all!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Soundtrack September: Minecraft

Game: Minecraft (2011~)
Platform: numerous
Composer: C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld)

Scoring a sandbox game with very little in the way of narrative is not easy, as Daniel Rosenfeld has said in at least one interview. With limited information about what the player will be doing, it’s difficult to write a score that effectively supports the action on screen at all times. On top of that, consider the fact that music was a relatively new endeavor for Rosenfeld, who was very young and only had a few years of composition experience under his belt when he began working on the game. 

Also noteworthy is that this music, which didn’t impress me when I first played the game, suddenly gains value and legitimacy when listened to on its own. As a work of art on its own (rather than the backdrop for another work of art), however, Minecraft’s soundtrack accomplishes its every goal with grace, mixing piano lullabies with sometimes-soothing-sometimes-eerie ambient electronics. It's so good, my family occasionally listens to it at dinner.

Rosenfeld, who maintains ownership of the rights to all the music in Minecraft, released the soundtrack though his Bandcamp page on two albums, Minecraft: Volume Alpha (2011, containing the soundtrack as it existed at the time, plus or minus a few tracks) and Minecraft: Volume Beta (2013, containing music added to the game in an update).

Volume Beta is so good, it actually coaxed me back into playing the game. In addition to the unassuming piano plinks of Volume Alpha, Beta delves into new emotional territory with lush, swelling strings and dark synth textures. The melodramatic track “Aria Math,” for example, which is used in the game’s Creative Mode, may come across as a bit too serious for the action on the screen, but is a thing of beauty on its own. 

As an elicitor of emotion, the soundtrack’s single greatest triumph is a 15-minute track called “The End,” the aural backdrop for the eponymous final area of the game, where the player fights the Ender Dragon. Built on a thrumming, propeller-like drone, the evolving soundscape becomes an ocean in which other familiar Minecraft themes can be heard drowning. It builds at a glacial pace over the course of several minutes, eventually coming to a pulsing crisis point that seems to evoke equal parts urgency and crushing loneliness – highly appropriate for the apocalyptic floating continent for which the track is named, yet a wild exaggeration of Minecraft’s tinker-toy gameplay.