Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Blizzard of '77"

I did a sort of electronic reinterpretation of the song "Blizzard of '77" by Nada Surf and you can hear it on MySpace. It's an excellent song in its original form and doesn't need my meddling, but I meddled anyway because the original version is just acoustic guitars and vocals, practically screaming out for a catchy drum loop to be laid on top. When "Blizzard of '77" looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and asks for a catchy drum loop, I can't say no.

Monday, January 22, 2007

2006: The Year in Review

This month marks the two-year anniversary of the founding of Chorus, Isolate, Confirm. 2006 was a veritable whirlwind of blogworthy activity, so for any of you who weren't paying attention, here's a run-down of what was covered. This will be on the exam.

In January I taught you the word ero-kakkoii, I had a dream that XTC recorded a hiphop song and I BLEW THE LID OFF the questionable business practices of Livedoor founder and CEO Horie Takafumi. Also, I did a round-up very similar to this one, but of 2005.

In February I developed a taste for Bollywood soundtracks, yelled at some uncultured parents and laughed at Ronald McDonald while he "exercised."

In March I drank various "health drinks." They didn't make me feel healthy in the slightest.

In April I began a new feature called Piss Me Off. I don't enjoy being pissed off. That's why I hardly ever write that feature any more.

May was the beginning of two months of tooth trouble. I bought a Nintendo DS to ease the pain. The DS is now full of bite marks.

In June I undertook Big Walk 2006. Then I bought a fish and named him Yamagata.

In July I blogged in a very timely fashion about Kumaeri the arsonist web idol and was consequently very proud of myself.

August was a wild month. Man-eating plants, chunky models, iPod trouble, snacks on a plane...I'm not saying anything, I'm just sayin'.

In September I paid tribute to Footloose, a movie about "sticking it to the man" via the magical trinity of drinking, smoking and dancing.

In October I saw a famous person on the street, but couldn't remember who she was until after she was gone. Within 24 hours of that, Yamagata kicked the bucket...or whatever it's called when fish die. They certainly can't kick a bucket without any legs.

In November I had some seriously great ideas about how to improve the Xbox360 game Dead Rising. Capcom still hasn't come to me with a suitable employment package. It's their loss.

In December I replaced some photos of Shinjuku with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if you notice the difference. Also, I made fun of a guy on YouTube who was begging, in specific language, to be made fun of.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Speak Up, Whippersnapper

This month I've been undergoing torment by the worst headcold-with-ear-infection combo attack of my life, and that's the reason for the lack of updates. I'm assuming that nobody wants to hear stories about my ear infection...but for those of you who do, consider this:

I can now say with confidence that having fluid sucked out of my middle ear through a hole in my eardrum is, without a doubt, the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had, and the closest I've ever come to actually fainting from pain.