Sunday, January 21, 2007

Speak Up, Whippersnapper

This month I've been undergoing torment by the worst headcold-with-ear-infection combo attack of my life, and that's the reason for the lack of updates. I'm assuming that nobody wants to hear stories about my ear infection...but for those of you who do, consider this:

I can now say with confidence that having fluid sucked out of my middle ear through a hole in my eardrum is, without a doubt, the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had, and the closest I've ever come to actually fainting from pain.

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Rick said...

Sorry to hear about the ear infection. I had a real bad one once. The pain was nothing like I had ever experienced. I didn't know pain like that existed. It felt like someone was sticking a sharpened pencil in my ear.

Someone that didn't like me.