Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let's Learn Japanese: Ero-Kakkoii

Ero-kakkoii (Adj.)
Sexy and cool.

Ero-kakkoii is a new adjective coined specifically to describe j-pop singer Koda Kumi. The word is a combination of two previously existing adjectives, eroi (adapted from the English word "erotic") and kakkoii ("cool").
I'm not sure why it was decided that Koda Kumi in particular should be designated ero-kakkoii; from what I've seen in video clips and on album covers, ero-ero-ero-ero-ero would be more appropriate. But, as you can see, once you attain the rank of "SexyCool," it's only a short hop to "CrazySexyCool," and then...well, let me put it this way: Don't go chasing waterfalls.
Koda Kumi is on a mission to destroy all lesser j-pop divas, and if there's a chance she'll take out Hamasaki Ayumi along the way, then I'm behind her 100 percent.

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al hong! said...

jesse. you need to join myspace. really. there's an archers of loaf page and this guy just did an interview with eric johnson this past weekend. here is a quote from him.

"I've had someone send me a cover of Web in Front and I know this guy who made Elevator Muzak versions of about 5 of our songs. It was truly hysterical."

hmmm... who could that be?

here's the ridiculously long link which may or may not take you to it.

also be sure to check out these pages.

i don't plan to blog on this thing as i do on myspace and livejournal. i just got sick of never being able to comment on your blog so now i can. mwaaaa ha ha.

i listened to that old casper milktoast cd yesterday. how ridiculous. luv 2 haight? what the hell were we thinking? headrush still sounded good to me.

take care & happy new year!