Friday, January 27, 2006

You Must Randomize

Here's this weekend's Random iPod Ten. (Do you like how I call it something different every week? Next week it will be called the Weekly Arbitrary Music Extravagnaza.) This is the second of what very well could become three posts in one day! I'm outta control.

1. Utada Hikaru / "Letters"
2. DEPAPEPE / "Ii Nichi Datta Ne"
3. XTC / "Paper and Iron (Notes and Coins)"
4. Moments in Grace / "The Patient"
5. New Order / "True Faith"
6. Ben Folds / "Jesusland"
7. The Prodigy / "Breathe"
8. Asian Kung-Fu Generation / "Rewrite"
9. Garbage / "You Look So Fine"
10. Weezer / "My Name Is Jonas"

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