Monday, July 18, 2005

Guess What? "Nyooooo!"

Girlfriend and I finally saw Star Wars: Episode III. As a result, neither of us can stop yelling, "Nyooooo!" around our apartment. Really, in my mind the movie didn't stumble at all until the "Nyooooo!" scene. Then it not only stumbled, but it landed face-first in the boiling, toxic, shark-infested sea that is my ultimate disdain for movies (and movie trailers) where somebody yells, "Nyooooo!"

The absolute worst is when a character yells, "Nyooooo!" in an accent that is not their own, and not their character's. Example: Sean Astin in one of those Lord of the Rings movies. Don't ask me which one because I don't know/care.

Ironically, one of the only movies I can think of where a "Nyooooo!" is done well is The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke finds out that Darth Vader is his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. When Mark Hamill delivers that "Nyooooo!" he does it like he means it. So congratulations, Mr. Hamill! You win the Oscar for Best Male "Nyooooo!"

Click here for "Nyooooo!"
WARNING: Embedded sound will play if you visit this link. Do not click in presence of boss or study hall supervisor.


benbrahe said...

Worse yet...

Looking into the sky with arms stretched while rain falls.

Then yell "nyooooo!"

Rick said...

It's important that when you mimic the, "Nyoooooo" from the movie that you also shake both fists in the air. To better show the Darth Vader emotion of it all. That's what we do.

I think the "Nyoooooo" scene was in the movie just to let people know that George Lucas really in fact was the director. Up until that moment, I was wondering if the movie might have had a ghost director. The movie was that good.