Friday, July 15, 2005

Summer + Suit = Suck

When it's a sunny 30 degrees Celcius in Tokyo, I really start to wish I didn't have to wear a suit to work in Ginza. This summer Prime Minister Koizumi advocates what he has called "cool biz," a policy whereby he encourages men all over Japan (including members of his own cabinet) to leave their neckties and suits at home, citing health and environmental concerns. Lately it's said that a necktie is unhealthy for the person wearing it, and that not wearing one can also help reduce the huge amount of energy spent on air conditioning and the atmospheric impacts thereof.

Apparently my employer doesn't care what the PM says, because I am still required by dress code to wear a tie at all times, except during children's classes (by the way, to wear a necktie to a kids' class in my company is to invite a whole other kind of health concern: the concern that your students may attempt mutiny by throttling the teacher).

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