Friday, April 08, 2005

The Big Walk: START!

Yes, the Big Walk happened, more or less according to plan. Despite waking up with incredibly sore legs due to exercise I did two days earlier, I forced myself to do what I had said I would do.

Since I haven't developed the photos from my 35mm camera yet, I won't be able to post my entire account of the walk in one shot. Instead, I'll "serialize" my adventure, setting my blog's time stamps to match the actual time at which the picture was taken.

So we begin at 10:11 AM, in front of Setagaya-Daita Station on the Odakyu Line. If you could see my eyes in this picture, they'd be saying, "There's no way I'm gonna walk all the way to Asakusa today. I may as well give up now." But the warm, sunny weather was enough to convince me it was at least worth a try.

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