Friday, April 08, 2005

12:50 - 1:55

So with no intention of entering Shinjuku Gyoen or Meiji Gaien (and no ability to enter Moto-Akasaka, since it is guarded and virtually ninjaproof), this section of my walk was pretty dull. To summarize, I walked and walked and walked until I reached Chiyoda Ward, where I ate a quick lunch and prepared to fight through flocks of tourists at the Kokyo (Imperial Palace Grounds, not to be confused with the Imperial Residence).

By the way, one of the reasons this area is so boring is that, despite all the green on the map, all you can see around you are post offices and hotels. There are not even any restaurants in the area immediately surrounding Moto-Akasaka, which made my efforts to eat lunch all the more desperate.

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