Friday, April 29, 2005

Jim Davis Has Lost His Mind

So I open my net browser of choice today, and the familiar My Yahoo! homepage comes up, complete with the always-not-funny Garfield strip of the day. But today, something about Garfield is amiss.

In the first frame we see a horrifying scene of Garfield shoveling food into his mouth, although at first glance, it looks like he's vomiting. Well, now I'm hooked. I cant wait to see how this one ends. In frame two, Garfield is putting carrots in his ears. KIDS! DON'T PUT CARROTS IN YOUR EARS! And in frame three, John shows up with a terrible demonic expression on his face and delivers the greatest Garfield punchline to date:


Ha ha ha ha haaa, I get it! Jim Davis, now 240 years old, finally lacks the faculties to complete a strip. I would say something about hoping that he died before he had a chance to write the punchline to another unfunny Garfield comic, but that would be mean.

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carey said...

I think the final panel of the Garfield comic is told from Garfield's perspective, therefore he can't hear what horrible comment John has to make to him. The carrots in the ears block out whatever it is John has to say. Of course, I could be wrong. It could be Jim Davis actually couldn't finish a strip for once because it's the same lame jokes over and over again. I can imagine him throwing his pencil up in the air and heaving a sigh of distaste at the characters he's been drawing for eons.