Saturday, April 30, 2005

Honyaku Friday

Otaku Friday has become tiresome. Since I refuse to scrape the bottom of the barrel of laughs (that being the task of making fun of obese girls in Shiranui Mai costumes, which is easier than shooting fish in a barrel of laughs), I am forced to replace Otaku Friday with something more interesting. I haven't decided yet what that will be, but here's one possibility: I will feed some English into the Yahoo Japan Translation page, and then feed the Japanese results back in to get some interesting English. If it goes the way I think it will, we should have some high-quality weird Japanese t-shirt English. Why don't we try it out with this paragraph? Let's English!!!

Double-Translated Results from Yahoo Honyaku:

The otaku became troublesome on Friday. Because I refuse to rub against a bottom of a pipe of a laughter (being work to make fun of an overweight girl in simple Shiranui my costume than shooting a fish in the a lot of laughters), it is forced that I stop, and I exchange Otaku for anything which is interesting on Friday. I did not yet decide it what it is about, but there is one possibility here: I feed British one part on Yahoo Translation page and then feed back a Japanese result inside to make interesting one part the U.K. If it goes by the method how then it thinks of me, British, we must do a doubtful Japanese T shirt of some high quality. Why do not we make a try of it in this paragraph? English is changed!

Yes, English is changed. Honyaku Friday...a new tradition is born!

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