Friday, April 08, 2005

Klaatu. Verata. Ochanomizu.

After Chidorigafuchi was Takebashi, then I veered north into Kanda (don't say "Kanda" out loud unless you're interested in summoning deadites!).

This is the Kanda River. To my front is college town and music instrument store haven Ochanomizu. To my back is the squalid den of Tokyo's unhealthy geek culture, Akihabara. I know it's not picturesque, but I took this shot because seeing the Kanda River reminded me of my early days in Tokyo, when I would ride the train over this bridge to get to training in Shinjuku. Also, with the translation "Tea Water," Ochanomizu is quite possibly my favorite train station name in all of Tokyo. It's right up there with Bakurocho ("Horse-Eating Town").

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