Monday, January 17, 2005

Talk Is Cheap, Except When It's Free

I have one student who is a Jehova's Witness and routinely requests that I evaluate her pronunciation as she reads one of her pamphlets aloud in English. Your guess as to why she would need that skill is as good as mine, but the request always reveals itself as a ploy to turn her theological crosshairs on me with questions like "So, how do you feel about the passage I just read?"

But her conversation level isn't high enough to process the English of my responses (for example, my belief that the universe as we know it is in the midst of just one pulse of a rhythm that repeats eternally, re-exploding and re-collapsing forever on infinite levels). So today I considered using the universal language of mathematics to convey my thesis.

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Fee said...

hey jesse, have you read Sophie's World? (not choice). love your blog, from a fellow Setagaya-ku gaijin