Friday, January 14, 2005

Things to Do Before Work #3

Then I read something for a little while. Hey kids, put down those Yu-Gi-Oh cards and read something! Your parents will be relieved that you're no longer doing +3 damage and reflecting water attacks, or whatever it is you do.

Pending the availability of a book, I may also work on my music, some artwork, this weblog, my deep understanding of Transformers, my collection of Max Headroom memorabilia purchased on eBay and ongoing message board arguments over which is better: 2D fighting or 3D fighting. By the way, 2D is better and I don't really have any Max Headroom stuff so please stop asking.

1 comment:

carey said...

Jesse--of all the books to read, you picked Jenna Jameson's bio? Sheesh. you'd be better off playing Katamari than reading that tripe. It does make for a funny pic, though.