Monday, January 24, 2005

Death March, Maji De

In an effort to train myself for a possible Mt. Fuji climb this summer (and an almost certain 10-mile hike across central Tokyo during cherry blossom season...more on that later), I have resolved to start walking more. And my medical checkup the other day, which revealed that I have "pre-hypertension," has pretty much made the decision official: Jesse go walkies. So today I took my first baby step and walked home from Shibuya Station after work. As the map shows, I got lost soon after leaving Shibuya Station, but regained my bearings upon nearing Sangenjaya Station and Kannanadori. I have no idea how far I walked, but after two hours of wandering around in my work shoes my feet are killing me.

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jeremy said...

your blog is a riot. gaijins always have something funny to say about japan. if they don't i doubt they've ever been there. cheers.