Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me Too!

I like cats. In fact, I am a cat. A cat of the "copy" variety. A copycat. That's why I decided to copycat a number of online journalists, most recently my sister, with a random top-ten list generated by my iPod. Wow, sounds fun! Sounds like an activity that will reveal my stuck-in-the-80s-and-90s music tastes! Let's try it.

1. Blur / "Day Upon Day" (live)
2. Cibo Matto / "Spoon" (Super Relax EP version)
3. Garbage / "Queer"
4. Quruli* / "Joze's Theme II"
5. Bjork / "The Anchor Song"
6. The Prodigy / "Mind Fields"
7. Matthew Sweet / "Falling"
8. Utada Hikaru / "Animato"
9. Spacehog / "To Be a Millionaire...Was It Likely?"
10. Rage Against the Machine / "Bulls on Parade"

* Quruli is the best band in the whole wide yerld.

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