Friday, December 16, 2005

Better Luck Next Xbox

Microsoft's Xbox 360, which was released last weekend in Japan, sold a disappointing 62,100 units in the first two days (only 39% of units available on launch day). Many blame the low numbers on the delay of Tecmo's Dead or Alive 4, a game crucial to the acquisition of the coveted "dorks without girlfriends" demographic.

Yeah, maybe it's Dead or Alive 4's fault. Or, maybe Microsoft should have put a little more thought into the ridiculous 40,000 yen pricetag. Consumerism may be rampant in this country, but let's be reasonable. 40,000 yen could buy you a hundred puri-kura sessions.


Rick said...

They are so "hot" over here in the U.S. of A. that you cannot even buy them. A condition Microsoft orchestrated to increase demand. People want one not because of it’s technical capabilities or because the great games it can run, they covet one because they are impossible to buy. Every software store has one on display though. The only demo game on these machines is a WW2 simulator where the gamer is a member of a British commando squad where the gamer attempts to kill German soldiers.

Why Microsoft is so interested in becoming a company that makes a gaming platform and not a software company is puzzling. The better their gaming platform gets, the more people won’t buy a PC to play games. I thought Microsoft wanted everyone to own a PC.

Jesse Jace said...

Sony did that with the PlayStation 2 back in the day, too. People who hadn't reserved a pricey "PS2 bundle" were out of luck. Sony scored so many eye-rolls with that stunt, I never expected Microsoft to do the same thing. Your guess as to why they would undermine their own position in the market is as good as mine, but maybe they're just complacent with the knowledge that NOBODY buys a Mac to play games.