Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spam Spam Spam Spam

Yahoo Mail does a pretty good job of filtering spam messages and bulk adverts into a separate folder so they can be deleted quickly. It does occasionally, however, make a mistake and put a non-spam message into the bulk folder, or vice-versa. Today I was scanning the list of subject lines in my bulk folder just to make sure there wasn't anything important in it before I trashed it. One especially strange subject line caught my eye so I clicked on it, revealing this cryptic message:

If you like smoking but hate cigarette taste and smell.
Especially for you we created pleasant and gentle menthol
cigarettes that have very elegant scent and refreshing taste.
If you are going to the deserted island, don’t forget a whole bunch of
good delicious cigarettes with you.
At least don’t give up the best of them – smoking.
A cigarette is better than woman – it will never yell at you for having another one before.
It takes a few minutes to smoke a cigarette, but the enjoyment lasts much longer.

Most spam mail reads like it was written by a committee of ESL students but I felt that this one in particular had a certain je ne se pas.

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