Monday, December 26, 2005

What I'm Playing and Why I'm Playing It

Recent days have seen me crack open a couple of my older PS2 games. Currently I'm chipping away at Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 in the US), developer Level 5's 2003 action/RPG title that successfully combines battle, village building, competitive fishing, photography, item invention, time travel and golf into one cute little game that can now be purchased in Japan for around 2000 yen as part of the PlayStation2 Greatest Hits series. It's a good deal, considering how many hours of gameplay you get for that price...not to mention the fact that the game lets you catch fish, raise them in an aquarium, enter them in a race, and finally punish them by cooking and eating them when they lose the race.

The reason I decided to go back to playing Dark Chronicle? Well, until I finish that game, it's hard for me to rationalize buying Level 5's new "space pirate" themed action/role-playing game, Rogue Galaxy (pictured below). So you see, when I play video games there is always a good reason.

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