Friday, March 10, 2006

Pass the Furry Drawn Butter

LINK: New crustacean looks like a furry lobster

Scientists had to create a new crustacean family and genus to properly classify Kiwa hirsuta, a newly discovered deep-sea animal that looks like a Muppet from hell.

The world's oceans are fascinating to me, mainly because they're a veritable haven of nightmare creatures. Consider the whale shark. Or the manta ray. Or Gamera. All are non-threatening to humans, yet all would prompt an equally blood-curdling underwater scream from me if I found myself face-to-face with them. As if deep-sea creatures weren't already terrifyingly alien-looking enough, now we have blonde shellfish to contend with.

Tonight I will have nightmares about furry lobsters. Soft, fuzzy, crunchy, loveable, creepy lobsters with silky, manageable hair.

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