Wednesday, March 22, 2006


In Portrait of a Badass: Javier, I stated that Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez was a Mexico City policeman. He was actually a Tijuana policeman. I also neglected to mention that he is actually referred to in the film as a "badass" by the character General Salazar (or, at least in Salazar's English subtitles).

My apologies for the delay of Day 4 of the Oronamin Experiment. Yesterday was a national holiday and Girlfriend and I found ourselves caught up in a karaoke battle, followed by dinner at Denny's in Sangenjaya. (A word on Japanese Denny's restaurants: They are nothing like Denny's back home. They don't serve breakfast items at all hours of the day. They don't have unlimited refills. They don't have key lime pie. Stateside Denny's is the kind of junk food I miss....that, and faux-Chinese buffet.)

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