Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Oronamin Experiment: Day 4

The final chapter in the Oronamin saga: Oronamin C plus Kirin Draft Beer. Perhaps conceived as a way of making beer more palateable to females, Oronamin Beer tastes like -- hold onto your hats, people -- beer, except sweeter. But it didn't make beer any more palateable to Girlfriend, who took a sip and made a face like a frog. I mean a really disgusted, contemptuous frog.

I didn't learn much of anything from The Oronamin Experiment, I'm sorry to say. The whole thing did, however, go a long way to strengthen my earlier assertion that food brand websites provide no meaningful content to consumers.

Perhaps the most important thing I gained from the Experiment was an amusing warm-up topic for my English lessons this week. Walking into the classroom without even a remotely interesting topic to get the students into "English mode" can make a 40-minute lesson feel longer than a visit to Hell's DMV.

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