Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Oronamin Experiment: Day 2

This was the part of the Experiment I least wanted to do: Oronamin C mixed with a raw egg yolk, to form the so-called Oronamin Shake. I'm not a big fan of eggs in general, especially liquid ones. Like it or not, however, life in Japan entails the occasional consumption of raw eggs*, whether they occur in sukiyaki or gyuudon. Or in an Oronamin Shake.

Stirring egg yolk into a glass of Oronamin C produces a yellow drink with the consistency of slightly diluted egg nog. But it doesn't taste like egg nog and it doesn't get you drunk, so what's the point? I tasted it once and decided I didn't need to taste it again. It wasn't particularly bad, and it was a lot more flavorful than last night's Oronamin Milk, but it was still just a sugary soft drink with egg in it. Sounds worse than it is, but isn't that good, either.

Girlfriend took a sip, made a funny face and then agreed with my assessment: oshikunai but not mazui.

[Oronamin C] + [raw egg yolk] = "Meh."

* Do not attempt the Oronamin Shake if you live in the US, or any country whose food safety regulations are similarly lax.

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