Saturday, November 28, 2015

MOS: We cannot win the War on Drugs

Winners don't use drugs. Winners sell drugs and use the proceeds to turn themselves into freakish human-head hovertanks.

In their 1988 arcade game Narc, Williams Electronics started a tradition I would eventually begin calling the "final boss is a total joke" phenomenon. Seen also in Smash TV and Total Carnage, this phenomenon was characterized by ridiculously durable (and tragically ugly) boss characters. In Narc, it's Mr. Big, the drug-kingpin-turned-Photoshop-nightmare. He's got a gigantic portrait of himself (pre-transformation) labeled "ME."

Just because the game is anti-drug doesn't mean the developers weren't tripping their faces off when they came up with this wackiness.

Fun fact: 1988 was also the year of the formation of the band Mr. Big, although their big hit "To Be With You" wouldn't appear until 1991, in between the releases of Smash TV and Total Carnage.

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