Sunday, November 01, 2015

MOS: I'm the guy with the wolf on my head

Our first entry in the Month of Screenshots is from Destiny, the game that has predominantly occupied my PS4's disc slot since last fall. Other challengers have stepped up to the plate, to be sure (and we'll see some screenshots of those challengers in the month to come), but Destiny's ever-changing plate of offerings — and the fact that I hear about these offerings online and via word of mouth from one of my co-workers, who also plays Destiny — ensures that I occasionally log in to see for myself what's going on.

At the end of the last Iron Banner event (in which I participated as diligently as my schedule allowed), I took this selfie at the Tower to bask in the satisfaction of having earned this wolf skin cloak. It may be a game about humanity's last-ditch efforts to escape destruction at the hands of an invisible force called the Darkness, but in the end, I think humankind's guardians are mainly motivated by fashion and gear envy.

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