Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MOS: The underground is overcrowded

I meant to write a post about Terraria back when I first got hooked on the Vita version in 2013. I logged countless hours, mostly on my train commute, digging ever deeper and building ever higher. I've since graduated to the more full-featured Mac version, although I still find it hard to get used to playing it with keyboard and mouse.

A lazy analogy would be to call Terraria "2D Minecraft," but what I like most about this game are the aspects that defy that description. Terraria takes the building and crafting elements that form Minecraft's core and re-install them into something slightly more game-like. It also helps that the game's art style, modelled after the 16-bit era, is more aesthetically pleasing to me than Minecraft's everything-is-made-of-cubes schema.

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