Monday, November 30, 2015

MOS: Peace forever

Super Vehicle-001 Metal Slug (most people just call it Metal Slug), which I mentioned in yesterday's entry, took Contra's side-scrolling army-of-one premise and injected it with a new level of personality. The result was one of the most gleefully violent and punishing quarter munchers of the 90s, and one of the Neo Geo platform's best-loved titles.

Players tenacious (and wealthy) enough to finish the game are rewarded with one of two endings. In the single-player ending, the camera follows a paper airplane which sails over a now-silent battlefield littered with the bodies of the enemy soldiers you killed on your mission. A grieving female also appears, mourning over a battlefield cross.

I always thought it a stroke of genius that this game, which appears to enshrine wanton violence, would find a way to make players feel terrible about all the killing they had done.

The two-player ending is more upbeat, with the airplane gliding over scenes of enemy soldiers relaxing and enjoying the frivolity of armistice.

Both endings conclude with the above variation on the Game Over screen emblazoned with "PEACE FOREVER!"

This concludes Month of Screenshots. Thank you for reading!

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