Monday, March 07, 2005

Turbo Men

Arnold Schwarzenagger, you are an idiot!

Am I the only person who remembers Arnold Schwarzenagger talking himself up (while simulatenousely saying "Steroids ah for loosahs, so I dun't yoose dem. Eeyaaiiii!") in the 1980s? I can't find any record of this, but I'm sure he said something to that effect. And now he says, "I have no regrets becahs steroids were new bahk den, and now I am de govenah of de Kalifornia. Eeyaaiiii!" Note: I don't really have a strong opinion about steroid use. If athletes want to bring shame on themselves by using illegal performance enhancers, let them. Mostly I just needed an excuse to post this still from Jingle All the Way.

In other news:
Sam Johnson, you are an idiot!

AP reported Saturday that 74-year-old veteran and Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Texas...where else?) made remarks in February about wanting to personally drop two nuclear bombs on Syria. Afterword he explained it was only a joke. Aren't old people funny?

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