Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Log Blog

This evening, after a scrumdiddliumptious dinner at Tenkazushi, I saw a young woman fall down an entire flight of stairs. From my position on the street, I heard a "kyaa!" and turned just in time to see an apparently drunk girl, rolling sideways down the steps of of an izakaya like a log. Seriously, an honest to goodness, used to be a tree, Ewok village booby trap log. Everyone around me had a startled look, as if thinking, "Oh jeez, she's falling, I hope she's not hurt, wonder if I should I help her, wow I can't believe she's still falling, will she ever stop?" Eventually she did stop, picked herself up and scolded her boyfriend for letting such an accident happen. I expect tomorrow morning she'll wake up with a hangover, a dirty jacket and shattered tibiae.

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