Thursday, March 03, 2005


Okay, sorry about the political stuff. I've put my high horse in the closet so I won't be tempted to get on it for a while.

This is a Morinaga kiosk in the upper level of JR Tamachi Station. Morinaga is the company responsible for the candy Chocoball and its avine mascot, Kyoro-chan (for whom this "Kyorosk" is named). See the clock? Each hour on the hour some wacky music starts playing and those four Kyoro-chans on the front of the kiosk start twisting to and fro in a strange, diabetic dance. On seeing this, many of the business people walking past regard the kiosk with an expression that seems to say, "Wow. That's goofy, even by my stilted Japanese standards of goofiness."

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