Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tokyo Walking Adventure: Proposal

As mentioned in an earlier post, I plan to undertake a 20-kilometer trek across central Tokyo this spring, for the purpose of seeing as many cherry blossoms as possible. My route will begin at Setagaya-Daita Station, heading east to Yoyogi Park, then northeast to Shinjuku Gyoen. I will then most likely head directly east to the Imperial Palace East Garden, possibly via Hanzo Hori (if accessible), curving northward past Tokyo Station, Kanda and Akihabara. I will make one more stop at Ueno Park before finally cutting east to Asakusa, where my walk will end at the front of Sensouji.

Yet to be determined is whether I'll take the Ginza Line back to Shibuya when my journey is done, or ride a Sumida River boat to Hamamatsucho and then take the Yamanote Line homeward. Or, for that matter, whether or not I'll collapse before I even get half way. Cherry blossom season is usually around the first two weeks of April, and my work schedule (plus the fact that the Imperial Gardens are closed on Fridays) effectively means I have to do this on either April 3 or April 10.

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