Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Soundtrack September: Parasite Eve

Game: Parasite Eve (1998)
Console: PlayStation
Composer: Shimomura Yōko

When people look back fondly on Parasite Eve, their fondness most likely isn’t for the gameplay (which was bullshit) or the story (which was even more bullshit). It’s for the long-gone days of Squaresoft, a game developer that did things besides re-release old Final Fantasy games over and over again.

The story is a lot of faux-science bullshit about the mitochondria in living organisms’ cells running riot and causing monstrous deformations, as protagonist Aya Brea a rookie cop in the NYPD struggles to take down Eve, the catalyst behind all the bullshit. Brea is supported in her efforts by the NYPD which, despite Brea’s low rank, supplies her with a steady stream of military-grade ordnance (a concept which definitely felt like bullshit when the game came out, if not nowadays).

Sounds like a lot of bullshit, but the music was legit.

In accordance with the gritty, present-day setting of Parasite Eve, the music reflects the urban pulse of New York City (albeit an apparently abandoned version thereof), and only soars into the realm of fantasy when Eve shows up with her mitochondria bullshit.

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