Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Soundtrack September: Lumines II

Game: Lumines II (2006)
Console: PlayStation Portable
Composer: various artists

Q Entertainment, innovative specialists in the music game genre, came up with the idea to pair some of the most simplistic puzzle mechanics ever conceived of with hypnotic electronic music, creating Lumines (pronounced “LOO-mi-ness”), which first hit the PSP in 2004. Most of the soundtrack consisted of quirky interactive tracks that reacted to the action on the screen.

Lumines II would duplicate the gameplay of Lumines, interspersing those dynamic tracks with licensed songs from artists like Beck, Fatboy Slim, Go! Team and Black Eyed Peas. It also introduced many to Genki Rockets, Q Entertainment founder Mizuguchi Tetsuya’s mysterious pop music act, fronted by a fictional singer called Lumi whose voice is an amalgam of two actual singers’. Genki Rockets would later provide the entire soundtrack to Child of Eden (2011).

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