Thursday, September 15, 2016

Soundtrack September: Hexic HD

Game: Hexic HD (2005)
Console: Xbox 360
Composer: Jerry Schroeder

If Hexic sounds familiar, it may be because the game came pre-installed on Xbox 360 consoles – or because I raved about the music in the game in this post from 2008. A relatively simple puzzle game without much happening on screen, Hexic could have had just about any type of musical backdrop, but the glitchy ambient sound that Jerry Schroeder went for is a perfect match. The game doesn’t have stages, so the tracks cycle in order one after another as the game is played. These tracks are alternately driven by understated beats, twangy guitar loops and somber tides of synth chords.

The soundtrack is available on his Bandcamp page as Hexophilia, an album containing all the music from the game, including longer versions of certain tracks and some unused material. I recommend the rest of his work as well.

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