Friday, March 30, 2007

Hanegi Park

Just as in years past, I must apologize for the delay in making my cherry blossom and Big Walk posts. This year I took so many pictures, I literally dreaded the idea of formatting, uploading and blogging them all. That's why I decided to make a quick slideshow of the photos I took at Hanegi Park on Friday, March 30. This is a major occasion, as it's my first time to post something on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the video format is not flattering to the photos themselves, so my next task is to format, upload and blog my Big Walk posts. Won't that be fun. As I have done in previous years, this post and my Big Walk posts will be dated to reflect the day of the actual photography, not of the blog posts (which are painfully late).

Here are the Hanegi Park photos, to the tune of a little Utada Hikaru.

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