Sunday, April 01, 2007

Big Walk 2007: START!

All right, kids! It's Sunday, April 1 -- the peak of the 2007 cherry blossom season in central Tokyo -- which means it's time for the Third Annual Chorus, Isolate, Confirm Big Walk! This year's route differs slightly from years past, taking a north-to-south path rather than west-to-east. I take the Chiyoda Subway Line to Kitasenju Station in Adachi Ward, where I am met by my friend, co-worker and ex-housemate Craig at 11:00 AM.

We are ready to rock. We are ready to WALK.

Why Kitasenju? Because it's just across the Arakawa River from Gotanno, where both of us spent our first months in Tokyo. When I tell Japanese people that I used to live in Gotanno, they always say, "You mean Gotanda." And I say, "No. Gotanno, stupid!" Gotanda is another station, located at about the seven o'clock position on the Yamanote loop. Gotanda Station is famous for the many seedy mahjong, escort and cosplay establishments that surround it. Gotanno is famous for nothing.

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