Sunday, April 01, 2007


This is really dorky.

As we approach the subway entrance to Minowa Station, I make a fascinating discovery. At my feet there is a utility cover bearing the old Eidan Subway logo. Eidan Subway became Tokyo Metro less than a year after I moved to Japan. Since then, I have only seen the old Eidan mark twice: this occasion, and at a Quruli concert in Odaiba two years ago, when the lead singer was wearing a t-shirt with the same logo, which I decided was just about the coolest t-shirt I had ever seen. This is, therefore, the coolest utility cover I have ever seen.

The fact that I recognize this logo makes me a nerd. And now that you've seen this photo and read this story, you are a nerd, too.

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ryuta said...

hey, just randomly found this blog. there are a few of those eidan subway logos on manhole covers in asakusa.