Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Kitchen Delivers Us From Egg

Japanese fast food trafficker First Kitchen has baffled the world by adding to its menu hamburgers that doesn't contain bacon or egg.

Until now, eating at First Kitchen has been a frustrating experience for people who don't like egg or bacon on their hamburger. I've lived in Japan for more than three and a half years, and I've spent that entire time avoiding First Kitchen's bacon egg burger. I don't believe a hamburger should contain such breakfast-like ingredients. Similar beliefs have stopped me from ever touching a McGriddle. I don't even like saying the word "McGriddle," or typing it for that matter. I'll never type it again.

So now First Kitchen's menu includes a "beef lettuce burger" and an "FK burger." I tried the beef lettuce burger today and found it remarkably egg-free, yet amazingly unremarkable. I don't have any real interest in trying the FK burger, but I am glad they decided on the abbreviation "FK" over the alternative: Japanese youngsters often refer to First Kitchen with the affectionate nickname "Fakkin," knowing full well that it sounds an awful lot like the English word "fucking." I can imagine throngs of customers lining up and placing orders for the "fucking burger set, onegaishimasu."

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(fragments of the alternative) said... A McGriddle-esque burger is finally being excluded from a Japanese burger store? Sounds a bit odd to me.

Also, about that "fakkin"'s just as weird/retarded, if not more weird/retarded than the fact that there are many MANY teenagers in Hong Kong wearing shirts with the Playboy log. Sometimes, these cute little pimpin' bunnies are replaced by blatantly homosexual comments.

The worst part? The person who is wearing this shirt is often hanging around his girlfriend/boyfriend.

Jesse Jace said...

The Playboy logo is a staple of women's and girls' apparel in Japan these days. And the apparel knows no age limits. Seven-year-old girls are walking around town, showing their support for the airbrushed T&A industry.