Thursday, June 22, 2006

Say Hello to My Little Friend

This week my apartment became just a shade brighter...just a tad happier...just the slightest bit fishier...with the arrival of Yamagata, a dark blue Siamese fighting fish I won from a UFO catcher in Shimokitazawa. A true survivor, Yamagata has made a harrowing journey from his place of birth (where ever that was...let's say Thailand to make the story interesting) to a tiny plastic jar inside a skill crane machine in Tokyo where he was tormented mercilessly by a mechanical claw, to a lightly furnished fishbowl in my living room.

Yamagata enjoys eating pulverized brine shrimp, dragging his decorative finnage around and snapping his jaws menacingly. I like to think that his new life is pretty sweet in comparison to the horror that must have been life inside a UFO catcher. Just the thought of feeling the vibrations of UFO catcher music all day long is horrendous. If fish get post traumatic stress syndrome, this little guy may very well have it.


Rick said...

That's a mighty fine looking fish you got there. Yes, they do come from Thailand.

LindseyKai said...

What a cute wittle fishy wishy. Oonter boonter, fishy!