Sunday, June 04, 2006

Big Walk 2006: START!

I know how much you love surprises, so SURPRISE! Here's the first installment of the story of "Big Walk 2006," my second trans-metropolitan pedestrian pilgrimage from one end of central Tokyo to the other. Sunday, June 4 was a cool, mostly cloudy day with no precipitation in the Tokyo area and I seized the opportunity to get a second Big Walk under my belt, even if it meant doing so with virtually no planned route or goal.

So, just like last April's Big Walk, I started at the entrance to Setagaya-Daita Station (the station with the with an all-new super inconvenient upstairs-downstairs approach to the train platform!) and marked the occasion with a hasty keitai photo.

The time is 10:45 AM. I am ready to ambulate. I switch tenses in mid-blog.

If there's something strangely familiar about this, it's probably because my clothes are nearly identical to the ones I wore on last year's Big Walk. Refer to the April 2005 archive for proof of this.

I make a quick stop at the Daily Yamazaki for some green tea and a Snickers (my first Snickers bar in about two years, in fact) and start north on Kannana-dori.

FUN FACT! If you do a Google search for "Kannana-dori," Google will incorrectly ask you if you meant to type "Kanana-dori." Congratulations, Jesse. I guess you know more than Google.

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