Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kannana to Koshuu

At 11:02 I cross Inokashira-dori and at 11:08 I turn right on Koshuu-kaido, the road that will take me all the way to Shinjuku Station. (Thus far the only plan existing in my head is that I'll begin by going to Shinjuku because I have errands to do there.) Koshuu-kaido is to Chinese restaurants what Kannana-dori is to ramen shops: a seemingly endless chain of grease-smelling exhaust vents. I hold my breath passing each one because I'm not feeling hungry just yet. Snickers really satisfies, after all.

Sasazuka Station. Hatagaya Station. At 11:35, right before Hatsudai Station, I spy something I've never seen before: A vending machine on the sidewalk stocked with two-liter bottles. Obviously a two-liter bottle would be cumbersome regardless of its contents, so I take a picture and walk on by.

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