Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ah, Mango Juice

At noon I reach the Shinjuku South Exit district, home of a second-hand video games shop called Trader. In the wake of the tragic death of my PlayStation 2 I have about ten games to sell, and Trader is unique in that they buy and sell foreign games as well as domestic ones. I empty my backpack of PS2 games for the happy sum of ¥15,300.

While waiting for the Trader guy to total up my goods I get a call from my ex-roommate Craig, who will meet me in Shinjuku for lunch and join the Big Walk from Shinjuku onward. Ehhhh-xcellent.

Lunch is Vietnamese food and several glasses of mango juice.


Rick said...

I guess getting a new PS2 is/was out of the question? They have really dropped in price here in the US of A. I was even thinking of finally picking one up. I'm not a console gamer, but at these prices... I think they are going for $110 at Circuit City. Something like that.

Jesse Jace said...

I wouldn't call it "out of the question," but with a PS3 coming out in worldwide November, developer support for the PS2 will soon dwindle. On the other hand, the PS2 already has a huge library, and yeah, $110 is cheap.