Friday, June 16, 2006


This week I uploaded a new MP3 to my MySpace account. It's an arrangement of the Norfair theme from Metroid. Go there immediately and listen to it fifty times.

The Norfair theme has long been one of my favorite video game tunes of the 8-bit era. It does as good a job as it can of conveying the feeling of being the only human on the planet with its jilted waltz feel and dissonance. It also does a good job of suggesting that Metroid music composer Hip Tanaka was a fan of Erik Satie.

Of course, like most 8-bit soundtracks, Metroid's was doomed to become repetitive and end up getting turned down on TV sets across America. Even I grew tired of the jaunty "Hey! Let's Explore Brinstar" march, the mysterious ambiance of "Annoying Beeps and Boops in the Elevator Room" and the psychological horror of "Miniboss Hideout II: Descent Into Insanity." Of course I got tired of the music. It's hardly surprising when you consider the fact that I was the only kid I knew who didn't have the game's layout and item locations memorized. It took me so long to finish the game, I should have gotten some tragic ending where Samus takes off her suit and turns out to be a genetic hybrid of Regis Philbin and a kangaroo.


Limo said...

Do you mean 'dissonance'?

Will check it out now. :)

Jesse Jace said...

There's a significant chance that that's exactly what I mean. Thanks, I'll fix it.

Limo said...

Cool Blog Jesse...
Your humor and general attitude towards NZ'ers is hilarious.

I've always wanted to walk across Tokyo. Now I know what to expect.

Wodda ya,
wodda ya like,
wodda ya laikta,
wodda ya laikta eatfa,
wodda ya laikta eatfa dinnaaaa.... LOL

Oh wait.....that's chaining...oh well.

Rick said...

Best three song playlist ever. You have any more tunes you want to share? It's really good. I want more.

Jesse Jace said...

As a matter of fact, I do have more. There are two more songs ("What Baby Wants" and "Next In The Campaign Is Mars") posted on my page:

Rick said...

I have those. That's what I meant by the three song playlist. I have a Jesse Jase playlist on my iPod. It sits between Depeche Mode and Led Zeppelin. Alphabetically that is.

Jesse Jace said...

In addition to those, I have "King of Fighters" and "Aberdeen" on MySpace, along with the Norfair song. Those are all the songs I have online at the moment, but the MySpace ones will eventually change.