Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nobody Tells Me Anything

Living in Japan has wreaked havoc on my Western pop-cultural awareness. For example, I am vaguely aware of the release of Star Wars Episode III today in the US, but can't personally partake in the all the Jedi what-have-you until the movie is released here in July. This morning, however, I was very excited to learn that Universal Pictures will release a movie based on the video game Doom starring The Rock this fall.

Granted, this probably isn't news. I only found out about the movie by watching a Daily Show interview with the wrassler-turned-space-marine, in which Jon Stewart's excitement about the film is readily apparent (he responds to The Rock's answer about what character he'll play with an enthusiastic "you're the dude?").

I'm hoping Doom's script allows for a cheesy self-referential bit (specifically, Rocky throwing The People's Elbow down on an undead zombie demon as shown here). In fact, I'd be lying if I claimed not to want to see The People's Elbow in every single one of The Rock's movie appearances.

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