Thursday, May 05, 2005

Honyaku Maui

We now return to the contest at hand. Which was a better vacation experience, Hawaii or Thailand?

Point 1: Thailand is cheaper. Moreover, Hawaii is rather a rip-off in many ways, especially regarding food. Thailand has shopkeepers and taxi drivers who might try to rip you off, but you can avoid such treatment if you're not stupid. Hawaii doesn't have that flexibility. And unleaded gas was $2.78 per gallon on Maui. Thanks a heap, Mr. President.

Point 2: Hawaii has the unfortunate distinction of being a US state, with which comes a whole slew of complications, such as extra-long waits at immigrations, rude service workers, annoyingly large cars being driven by annoyingly bad drivers...oh yeah, AND unleaded gas was $2.78 per gallon on Maui.

Point 3: Hawaiians speak English. This is a double-edged sword; it makes your dealings easy, but living in Japan has made me appreciate the luxury of not having to overhear everybody's dumb conversations involuntarily.

Maui had better coastal snorkeling, slightly less brutal sunshine, better indigenous dance and less mosquitos...but I'm leaning towards a preference for Thailand. At this point it's moot anyway, since I'm pretty much broke after my trip to Maui.

Double-Translated Results from Yahoo Honyaku:

Now we return to a contest at hand. Which was the better holiday experience or Hawaii or the sea bream?

Point 1: A sea bream is cheaper. Furthermore, rather Hawaii is fraud in various points. And I am careful to food in particular. There are a retail store manager and the taxi driver who may be going to cheat you to a sea bream, but you can avoid such measures if you are not stupid. Hawaii does not have the flexibility. And the lead-free gas was 2.78 dollars about a gallon on one Maui. I thank for sedimentation (His Highness).

Point 2: Which which lets describe the unlucky distinction that is US Hawaii comes the whole of complexity (so as to be noisy, big car which is gone for a drive with a poor driver so that, for example, the service worker who is long waiting outside the immigration control, rudeness is noisy) killed it. Yes, so (AND which no lead gas was Maui, and there were 2.78 dollars about 1 gallon).

Point 3: Hawaii person talks about English. This is by double-edged sword; It simplified your relation, but it let you evaluate the luxury that it was not necessary to hear the conversation that an entrance of all cannot hear me without a way to live in Japan. Mosquitoes a more little than snorkeling of the shore where Maui is better, the sunlight which are not brutal by the few, a better native dance. lasted, but I like it towards Thai choice. At this point do it in which, and there is room of an argument since I was almost penniless after my trip to Maui.

* The Japanese name for Thailand is Tai, which is also the Japanese word for "sea bream." Apparently Yahoo Honyaku couldn't decide which word it liked more, because its translation was inconsistent.

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