Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New! Toilet Bowl Pepsi

We trade one disaster for another.

This week in 2007, Pepsi unleashed its Japan-only Ice Cucumber flavor on the populace. It looked like mouthwash and tasted like toothpaste. This year the gimmick is Pepsi Blue Hawaii, a carbonated drink which looks like Windex and tastes like a melted snow cone.

According to the label, the too-sweet-for-humanity flavor of this soft drink is achieved via the synergy of pineapple and lemon. But after drinking it, the only synergy happening in my body seems to be that of tooth decay and diabetes. My breath is attracting ants.

I bought this at the same convenience store where I found the Ice Cucumber Pepsi last summer. And, same as last year, I'm pretty sure the only people buying the stuff are bloggers who want to make fun of it.


butt? said...

you're exactly right, I picked up a bottle earlier this week simply to blog about it, but haven't got around to it just yet. Blue Hawaii is crap!

butt? said...

oh yeah, I tried the ice cucumber last year too (for the same reason) and it was crappier!

Rick Rottman said...

Pineapple and lemon? Didn't the krauts make mustard gas back in WWI by mixing these two substances?

I would never consume a soft drink named after an Elvis movie.

Jesse Jace said...

Neither would I, with the possible exception of Diet Harum Scarum Cola.